Zhejiang Dong'ou filter manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Wenzhou Dong’ou Micro-filtration Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1986, is a professional engaged in solid-liquid precise filtering technology research, development and equipment production enterprises.More than 32 years of history, products throughout the country.He is a national high-tech enterprises, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises outstanding environmental protection [More]


Macromolecule sintered microporous filtration technology inventor
Enjoy special government allowances of the State Council
Professor Song Xianhong   Song Xianhong: Professor, enjoy special government allowances of the State Council, born in 1938, graduated ...[more]

Ou company founded in 1986, is designed by Professor Song Xianhong has spent twenty years independent innovation developed the " rigid polymer precise microporous filtration technology " to conduct a more comprehensive in-depth technical research and development and more extensive application market development. The technology of domestic and foreign new system research and market development, technical  ...[more]

    Headquarters Address: Room 1405, binrun building, Binjiang street, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
    Phone: 0577-88130119 88130813
    Fax: 0577-88138523
    Address: Shek Nga the Lishui Shuige Industrial Park Road, 85-2
    Phone: 0578-2695199
    Address: 7th Floor, No. 408 Changshou Road, Shanghai
    Phone: 021-62778862 62275623 62275792
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      excellent brand, excellent quality, excellent service
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      personnel training, technological innovation
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